Britain hits the buffers!
The Why? CurveJune 23, 2022x
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Britain hits the buffers!

The largest rail strike in 30 years is crippling the train network, causing disruption for millions as tens of thousands of staff walk out, demanding more money and better conditions. But is this a wider issue than a simple industrial dispute? After all, even in normal times we rarely stop moaning about late-running and ticket prices, and comparisons with trains in Germany and France leave us looking as if we’ve been backed into a siding. Today Phil and Roger hear from Christian Wolmar, whose new book 'British Rail' makes the case for re-nationalisation of the nation’s railways. What’s the destination for Britain’s trains? How do we get there? And will we arrive in time to make us all revert to public transport, as the risks of climate change mean we all need to park our cars and climb aboard a train?

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