The Why? Curve

The Why? Curve

Each week Phil Dobbie and Roger Hearing get to grips with one issue that impacts our lives. It could be economic, social, technological or geopolitical. Whatever the subject, they'll talk to the experts who can give help explain what's really going on. And Phil and Roger back it up with their own research and opinions. It's half an hour to get across one of the key issues of the time, and they promise, it'll never be boring.



Latest Episodes

Social Media For Young People - Moral Menace Or Moral Panic?
May 16, 2024x
41:3357.25 MB

Social Media For Young People - Moral Menace Or Moral Panic?

With almost everyone under 30 on TikTok or Instagram, and claims of rampant bullying, sexploitation and pornography - is there any way to protect young people from the harmful effects? The social media giants wring their hands but do nothing. Governments launch inquiries and claim they’re doing some...

Small Boats Leading To Small Votes? - UK Politics In 2024
May 09, 2024x
38:0452.46 MB

Small Boats Leading To Small Votes? - UK Politics In 2024

As the smoke clears from the low-turnout council elections, what have we learnt about the prospects for the upcoming general election? Are the Tories heading for oblivion, or (as Rishi believes) a hung parliament? Is Labour damaged by the Gaza war, or by its own overcautious attitude? Can Reform be ...

Migration - What's Driving The Small Boat Journey?
May 02, 2024x
39:0753.89 MB

Migration - What's Driving The Small Boat Journey?

Why do they do it - people willing to crowd into small boats, put their lives at risk and pay thousands of pounds to cross the Channel? There's no sign threats of deportation to Rwanda will make any difference to their efforts to reach the UK. Phil and Roger have been speaking to some...

Danger Zone - The Middle East Crisis
April 25, 2024x
38:4353.34 MB

Danger Zone - The Middle East Crisis

On the edge of global conflict - the world held its breath as Israel and Iran attacked each other directly for the first time. But have we really stepped back from the brink? There’s no end in sight to the bloodshed in Gaza, and anger is building globally over the lack of progress in bringing in aid...

A Growing Problem - Can We Keep Expanding The Economy?
April 18, 2024x
39:0553.86 MB

A Growing Problem - Can We Keep Expanding The Economy?

Growth in our economy - that’s what politicians tell us we need. But do we? And what sort of growth? And won’t that just hurt the planet even further? Is expanding GDP the only way to keep us all happy and comfortable? Daniel Susskind, Professor of Economics at King’s College, London, gives Phil and...

Is it 1939 in Europe?
April 11, 2024x
38:1452.68 MB

Is it 1939 in Europe?

A dictator set to succeed in grabbing another sovereign nation, and challenging, with tanks and missiles, the political landscape of Europe - is this, as the Polish prime minister says, our 1939? Should the West be ready for the collapse of an arms-starved Ukraine, and a victorious Vladimir Putin po...



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Getting excited for Thursdays!

Brilliant podcasts, good mix of well-informed, sometimes edgy guests. Great length and balanced in their delivery. Very much look forward to Thursday arriving!

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Punchy, well-informed, user-friendly analysis and discussion

I’ve enjoyed the first few editions of the Why? Curve. Phil and Roger are an entertaining duo, have a good nose for what’s topical, pack a lot of information and discussion into the half-hour, and have so far chosen interesting and articulate guests, especially Dominic Nicholls on defence.


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