The Why? Curve

The Why? Curve

Each week Phil Dobbie and Roger Hearing get to grips with one issue that impacts our lives. It could be economic, social, technological or geopolitical. Whatever the subject, they'll talk to the experts who can give help explain what's really going on. And Phil and Roger back it up with their own research and opinions. It's half an hour to get across one of the key issues of the time, and they promise, it'll never be boring.



Latest Episodes

Is it 1939 in Europe?
April 11, 2024x
38:1452.68 MB

Is it 1939 in Europe?

A dictator set to succeed in grabbing another sovereign nation, and challenging, with tanks and missiles, the political landscape of Europe - is this, as the Polish prime minister says, our 1939? Should the West be ready for the collapse of an arms-starved Ukraine, and a victorious Vladimir Putin po...

Why Is Populism So Popular?
April 04, 2024x
40:3855.97 MB

Why Is Populism So Popular?

Populist parties are gaining ground - Reform in Britain looks likely to be a major challenge for the Tories. And Donald Trump's MAGA movement looks set to propel him into the White House in November. Across Europe, too, and in Brazil, the Philippines and Turkey, we have seen the rise ...

Electric Cars In The Slow Lane?
March 28, 2024x
39:5154.9 MB

Electric Cars In The Slow Lane?

What’s happened to electric cars? Weren’t we all supposed to be driving one by now? Is it the cost, the range or the lack of charging points? Is the government still on track to phase out new petrol cars, and reach net zero on emissions? Tom Stacey of Anglia Ruskin University steers Phil and Roger t...

Prisons In Crisis
March 21, 2024x
42:4658.9 MB

Prisons In Crisis

Our prisons are at breaking point - too many inmates and not enough cells. How did we get to the point of having more a higher proportion of the population behind bars than any other country in Western Europe? Why do politicians promise “tough on crime” sentences, without providing the means to deli...

Councils of Despair
March 14, 2024x
39:5254.93 MB

Councils of Despair

What happens when the bins aren't collected, the roads are full of holes and the libraries are shut - because the council's gone bankrupt? That's the dilemma facing local government. Europe's largest local authority, Birmingham, has just issued a notice saying it's effectively gone bust. Many others...

The Gaza Effect
March 07, 2024x
40:4056.02 MB

The Gaza Effect

Gaza casts a long shadow. In the midst of an economic crisis, in an election year, with transport, education and the NHS all limping along, what is the dominant subject, splitting parties and deciding by-elections? A war 2,000 miles away, over which the UK has next to no influence. Allegations ...



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Getting excited for Thursdays!

Brilliant podcasts, good mix of well-informed, sometimes edgy guests. Great length and balanced in their delivery. Very much look forward to Thursday arriving!

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Punchy, well-informed, user-friendly analysis and discussion

I’ve enjoyed the first few editions of the Why? Curve. Phil and Roger are an entertaining duo, have a good nose for what’s topical, pack a lot of information and discussion into the half-hour, and have so far chosen interesting and articulate guests, especially Dominic Nicholls on defence.


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