The Why? Curve

The Why? Curve

Each week Phil Dobbie and Roger Hearing get to grips with one issue that impacts our lives. It could be economic, social, technological or geopolitical. Whatever the subject, they'll talk to the experts who can give help explain what's really going on. And Phil and Roger back it up with their own research and opinions. It's half an hour to get across one of the key issues of the time, and they promise, it'll never be boring.



Latest Episodes

Making Stuff
July 19, 2024x
37:0551.11 MB

Making Stuff

As the new Labour government pushes to get the UK economy growing, is it time we became a big manufacturer once again? For decades the driver of the economy has been services, but is that too difficult to sustain? Should we go back to making stuff - this time microprocessors, software, AI programs? ...

Wish You Weren’t Here - The Tourism Trap
July 11, 2024x
34:0546.99 MB

Wish You Weren’t Here - The Tourism Trap

We all need a holiday right now, somewhere drier and hotter than Britain. But do our favourite resorts want US? Protesters fire water pistols at visitors in Barcelona, thousands turn out in Tenerife to tell holidaymakers to go home. Tourists, they say, force up prices, clog the streets and destroy t...

Election Day - But Does Your Vote Count?
July 04, 2024x
40:4856.23 MB

Election Day - But Does Your Vote Count?

What's the point in voting? The answer, if you're not in a seat where there's a chance your candidate will come first or second, is not much. The first-past-the-post system means many, or even most of us, are effectively disenfranchised at each general election. So is there a better, faire...

The Final Furlong
June 27, 2024x
38:3653.21 MB

The Final Furlong

Just a week to go before a voting day that’s likely to lead to a radical change in the UK’s political landscape. But what have we learnt about the parties and the personalities that will dominate the new politics, after a parliamentary clean-out of the old team? Will Labour have to cut back even its...

Not Ready For Government - Should We Train Politicians?
June 20, 2024x
37:2151.49 MB

Not Ready For Government - Should We Train Politicians?

With Labour almost certain to take the reins of power on July 5th, almost none of the incoming ministers have ever run anything bigger than a church fete. Right away they will have to take over billion-pound budgets and huge departments. Is it ridiculous to put gifted but untrained amateurs in charg...

Getting Through - Connecting with voters in 2024
June 13, 2024x
38:4253.33 MB

Getting Through - Connecting with voters in 2024

TV debates, TikTok stunts, falling off a paddleboard - does any of it influence how people vote? What works in an election campaign? Does ANYONE read a manifesto? How can politicians connect effectively with the public? Or has everyone already made up their minds? Dr Matt Walsh, head of the School o...



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Getting excited for Thursdays!

Brilliant podcasts, good mix of well-informed, sometimes edgy guests. Great length and balanced in their delivery. Very much look forward to Thursday arriving!

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Punchy, well-informed, user-friendly analysis and discussion

I’ve enjoyed the first few editions of the Why? Curve. Phil and Roger are an entertaining duo, have a good nose for what’s topical, pack a lot of information and discussion into the half-hour, and have so far chosen interesting and articulate guests, especially Dominic Nicholls on defence.


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