The Why? Curve

The Why? Curve

Each week Phil Dobbie and Roger Hearing get to grips with one issue that impacts our lives. It could be economic, social, technological or geopolitical. Whatever the subject, they'll talk to the experts who can give help explain what's really going on. And Phil and Roger back it up with their own research and opinions. It's half an hour to get across one of the key issues of the time, and they promise, it'll never be boring.



Latest Episodes

Can It Be Profitable To Save The Planet?
December 07, 2023x
40:0136.8 MB

Can It Be Profitable To Save The Planet?

The COP28 was big on promises, but can they be taken seriously when the location the president and so many of the participants are signed up to big oil? Is the secret to getting serious on mitigating climate change, getting capitalism on board? So that making money from saving the planet can become ...

The Forgotten War - Whatever Happened To The Ukraine Conflict?
November 30, 2023x
38:1535.17 MB

The Forgotten War - Whatever Happened To The Ukraine Conflict?

All eyes have been on Gaza since October, but what has been happening in the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia - the biggest European land war since 1945? Has the West lost hope of defeating Vladimir Putin here, and is President Zelenskyy being persuaded to turn a stalemate into some sort of ...

A tax cut that’s good for Britain or a last-ditch hope for the Tory party?
November 23, 2023x
34:3731.85 MB

A tax cut that’s good for Britain or a last-ditch hope for the Tory party?

Jeremy Hunt delivered his Autumn statement this week, with 110 policy measures. The most significant of those was a 2% cut in National Insurance contributions. Roger and Phil ask Simon French, Chief Economist and Head of Research at UK investment bank, Panmure Gordon, whether the main aim of the cut...

The real bill for energy
November 16, 2023x
40:1637.01 MB

The real bill for energy

Drill, baby, drill - but does it make sense to hand out, every year, new North Sea extraction licences for oil and gas as the UK government has promised? Aren’t we supposed to be ending our reliance on fossil fuels? Or is it essential for energy security to harvest what we have on our doorstep?...

Animal Rights and Wrongs
November 09, 2023x
41:4438.36 MB

Animal Rights and Wrongs

Should animals have rights? Should dogs and cats be able to sue you for not feeding them on time? Should farm animals be able to get an injunction to stop us eating them? There’s a growing movement to recognise that many of our fellow creatures are sentient, feel pain and loss, and therefore, perhap...

AI - technology breakthrough, or the end of humanity?
November 02, 2023x
39:0635.94 MB

AI - technology breakthrough, or the end of humanity?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere - and politicians and business leaders are rushing to get on top of what could be an advance bigger than the Industrial Revolution. But could it also be a risk to human life on the scale of an asteroid collision or nuclear war? Is there any practicable way to co...



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Getting excited for Thursdays!

Brilliant podcasts, good mix of well-informed, sometimes edgy guests. Great length and balanced in their delivery. Very much look forward to Thursday arriving!

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Punchy, well-informed, user-friendly analysis and discussion

I’ve enjoyed the first few editions of the Why? Curve. Phil and Roger are an entertaining duo, have a good nose for what’s topical, pack a lot of information and discussion into the half-hour, and have so far chosen interesting and articulate guests, especially Dominic Nicholls on defence.


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