Gong Wrong
The Why? CurveJune 29, 2023x
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Gong Wrong

Is there any honour in the honours system? Boris Johnson's resignation list has again shone an embarrassing light into how and who we reward for public service. Should relatives of the prime minister and useful political allies become sirs or dames? And worse - should they get seats in the House of Lords, giving them real legislative power? When they're people whose sole claim is that they put money into the coffers of political parties, doesn't that have the whiff of bribery and corruption? Or is this all a necessary nod to vanity and snobbery, that keeps the wheels of our system working, as it has done for centuries? Imperfect certainly, but functioning? Dr Sam Power of the University of Sussex tells Phil and Roger what's gone wrong with the gongs, and what can and should be fixed. 

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