Ready for Sunak’s Bitter Pill?
The Why? CurveNovember 03, 2022x
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Ready for Sunak’s Bitter Pill?

In a couple of weeks Jeremy Hunt, this month’s Chancellor, will present his Autumn Budget, heavily overseen by Rishi Sunak, our latest Prime Minister. So what can we expect? The noises from Downing Street are suggesting we have to prepare for some bad news, with difficult choices supposedly being made about how to get the budget back on track. Does that mean more austerity? Higher Taxes? Or both? And who will feel the hurt the most.

Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Adviser at the Centre for Economics and Business Research, suggests there’s a danger that the government will go too far, whilst hurting those who feel cuts the most. For example, increasing welfare payments in line with growth in wages rather than prices will save £13 billion per year, but who is paying the price for that? Certainly not those who got rich from asset investments when interest rates were low.

So just how does the government perform the magic balancing act of reducing debt, compensating for inflation and supporting energy costs, without slowing the economy to a trickle?  Join Vicky with Roger and Phil, discussing what should be in the Hunt-Sunak budget.

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