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Roger and Phil spent most of their lives oblivious to each other. Then, in early 2022 they met at a coffee shop in Guildford and hatched a plan for an exciting new weekly podcast that would delve into topical issues in a lively, intelligent and entertaining way. 

Roger Hearing is a seasoned journalist, with many years at the BBC World Service, where he's still called on to host shows like Business Matters. He's also had a recent stint at Bloomberg, as co-host of the London-based Daybreak Europe.

Phil Dobbie has a mix of business, radio and podcasting experience. He has hosted a variety of music and talk shifts on commercial and public stations in the UK and in Australia. Now, he's a prolific podcaster. Alongside The Why Curve he hosts The NAB Morning Call, a daily finance podcast for Australian audiences, and Debunking Economics with Steve Keen.

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The Generation Game - And Why Boomers Are Cheating
February 22, 2024x
41:5857.8 MB

The Generation Game - And Why Boomers Are Cheating

Why are the prospects for young people so much worse than for their parents’ generation? They can’t buy a house, their rents are extortionate, they have a massive student debt and there’s no job security, plus they’re inheriting a climate-damaged planet. Is it all down to the greed of the baby-boome...

A Matter of Life and Death. Who Decides?
February 15, 2024x
36:0949.81 MB

A Matter of Life and Death. Who Decides?

Should we have the right to end our lives in the way we choose - with others allowed to help us? Euthanasia is back on the agenda after a number of celebrities pushing for a change in the law. But what about the risks - the sick and elderly feeling they are a burden to be dispensed with? The de...

Is the world ready for Trump 2.0?
February 08, 2024x
45:2562.53 MB

Is the world ready for Trump 2.0?

Donald Trump could be back in the White House this time next year. Politicians from London to Berlin to Canberra are scratching their heads about how to deal with another season of Trump World - he’s promised to end the Ukraine war in one day, threatened to leave NATO, do deals with authoritarian le...