Choice Cuts - the Best of The Why Curve so far
The Why? CurveDecember 28, 2023x
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Choice Cuts - the Best of The Why Curve so far

A look back at the highlights of 2023 on . Phil and Roger covered everything from tax-cuts to racism, from AI to Rwanda, with experts and researchers. So here's a New Year gift - their pick of the best and most insightful discussions of the past year or so.


  • Michele Groppi of the Defence Studies Department at King’s College, London on Israel and Gaza
  • Stefan Wolff, professor of International Security at the University of Birmingham  on the endless war in Ukraine
  • Tim Gardiner, senior policy fellow at the Health Foundation on ways of funding the NHS
  • Joan Costa-i-Font, Professor of Health Economics at the London School of Economics on dealing with obesity
  • Dr Sam Power of the University of Sussex on the awarding of peerages
  • Robert Hazell, professor of government and the constitution at University College London on how we appoint Prime Ministers
  • David Mead, professor of human rights law at the University of East Anglia on protest laws
  • The FT's Martin Wolf on attracting foreign investment into the UK
  • Economist Francis Coppola on the benefits of government debt

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