Northern Ireland - New Troubles Brewing?
The Why? CurveApril 06, 2023x
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Northern Ireland - New Troubles Brewing?

It's a quarter of a century since the Good Friday Accord was signed, but is Northern Ireland now at its most perilous moment since then? With the main unionist party refusing to go back to Stormont, there seems little chance of devolved government resuming, and tensions are building in a way that hasn't been seen in 25 years - the threat level level has been raised to "severe" and a senior policeman is still in hospital six weeks after being shot by dissident republicans. The post-Brexit border issue seems impossible to resolve without either a hard border between Belfast and Dublin, or the Windsor Framework arrangements that, in unionist eyes, damage the bond that keeps the province inside the UK. Dr Peter John McLoughlin, senior lecturer in politics and international relations at Queen's University, Belfast, takes Phil and Roger through the risks to peace and the prospects for Northern Ireland's future.

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