Rough Justice, No Justice
The Why? CurveFebruary 01, 2024x
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Rough Justice, No Justice

Many thousands of people are in prison for crimes they didn’t do, and their chances of getting their cases reopened are minimal at best. The Post Office scandal showed how hard it is to reverse a miscarriage of justice, even when the truth is obvious to all. The Criminal Cases Review Commission is slow and inefficient, as has been shown by recent headlines - cases decades old were finally resolved and innocent people were freed after years behind bars. So how can we make sure that the system works properly? How do we speed up the process so that people’s lives are not wasted as they are punished for something they didn’t do? Glyn Maddocks KC is a solicitor who has spent many years working to overturn miscarriages of justice. He tells Roger and Phil what needs to happen to ensure the innocent go free.

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